Hello, my name is (she/her) Natalia, but you can call me by my online nickname Natty. I am a 25 year old software developer from the Czech Republic, currently studying computer science.

This site serves as my blog and a personal thought outlet, as well as a contact card. Have fun looking around! ūü¶ä

What I do

I'm a big fan of Rust and TypeScript, however I also use Java, Python, C++, C#, and more.

Graphics and game development

My main hobby is game development. I haven't made any commercial games yet, but I have made a few prototypes and an open-source game demo.

Web stuff

For web development I use mostly React. This website is my first time using Next.js. My favorite HTTP framework is Actix, however I'm slowly switching to Axum paired with SeaORM.

My work

Personal projects

This list is automatically generated from this YAML file. I try to update it as often as possible, but sometimes I forget and it's easier to visit my Git repositories to check for yourself. Hug Generator

Embeddable web generator of "hug coupon" images, written in WASM.

GitHub Repository NPM package

Advent of Code 2022

Every solution to the Advent of Code 2022 challenge.

Half Haskell, half Rust.

GitHub Repository


An ActivityPub-enabled social media server based on Calckey.

Git Repository


A GUI application visualizing various Traveling Salesman Problem solver implementations.

Git Repository


A simple game engine designed for the development of simple 2D games.

GitHub Repository


A tiny application where Bongo Cat follows your mouse movements and key presses.

GitHub Repository

Version R4

LoR Audio Extractor

A program to extract and convert "Legends of Runeterra" audio files.

GitHub Repository

Latest Release


A CLI utility for converting image files to ASCII-ish art. It can also play videos via libav.

GitHub Repository


An omnidirectional space shooter written in C in one week.

GitHub Repository



An omnidirectional space shooter written in Java. This game is a direct successor to SRClone.

GitHub Repository


A Java-based UI layout library pluggable into any renderer, serving as a layout engine for PlutoEngine.

GitHub Repository

Stardust Miner

A 2D tile-based side-view survival sandbox. Old java version, very broken, with placeholder assets.

1.2nli 1.2nl 1.2 1.1.1 1.1 1.0


A utility to download and YouTube videos, rewritten in Rust. It is a graphical frontend for yt-dlp.

Windows x64 Beta Linux x64 Beta


A utility to download and YouTube videos. Now obsolete and broken.

GitHub Repository

Windows x64 launcher Linux x64 launcher


A Discord bot framework written in Java.

GitHub Repository


A simple blocking MySQL wrapper and ORM for Java.

GitHub Repository


A Discord bot to crosspost social media posts from other platforms.

GitHub Repository


A a massively-multiplayer text adventure RPG game playable via a Discord bot. I abandoned this project in 2022 due to not wanting to rely on Discord as a platform anymore.

Original version repositories:

Version 350+ Version 350.11.1- Version 300 Version 200

This website and my blog.